Finding the balance-changing the world (2020)

What would it have been like if we were all in balance, could we then save the world?

Premiere: Dansefestival Barents, Hammerfest
Spilledatoer: 4. og 7. november 2020

This project is ambitious in many ways. Nine Russian, Norwegian and Swedish women have gathered around the same task, namely to find out one of the most basic principles we know. This work has naturally brought us out of balance and sometimes in good balance between East and West, art and therapy, dance and theatre, yoga and visual arts, man and woman.

Finding the balance – changing the world mixes genres, expressions and cultures in this literally cross-border and immersive art experience that embraces a great diversity gathered in a balanced and empowering cocktail for the head and heart.

Performers Eva Ekengren, (actress/holistic counselor), Liv Hanne Haugen (dance artist), Ekaterina Bespalova (actress), Anne Katrine Haugen (dance artist/ coach), Hilda Kaniusonyte Ekengren (visual artist), Olga Romanova (yoga teacher, therapist), Valentina Morozova (psychologist and art therapist), Katerina Gavrilova (director), Kozlova Kseniia (light designer).

Produced by Haugen Produksjoner and RuNo teater

Supported by The Norwegian Barents Secretariat and BarentsKult