The sisters Anne Katrine and Liv Hanne Haugen, both have their training and working experience from London, Brussels and Rotterdam. Since 2003 they run Haugen Productions from their hometown Tromsø, Norway.

XwomXnseX (2024)

It is said that the female body reaches a sexual peak in the mid-40s. So what happens when three dance artists and womn xaged 48-57 examine both what they have experienced and what they have been told about sexuality?

EXHALE (2016/17)

A fascination for movements we all share and often take for granted is the starting point for the performance EXHALE, which is at the intersection of visual arts, electronic soundscape and contemporary dance.

Digging into my Magnificent Trashbin, I’m searching for my life (2018)

What of the stories in your life do you talk about, what are you silent about and what is it that you just do not bring any attention to at all? Some of these questions are the starting point of Haugen Productions latest work.


  • Det hele er så mesterlig gjennomført, og jeg kan ikke huske om jeg pustet i løpet av forestillingen, jeg husker bare at noe tok hardt tak om hjertet mitt og holdt det fast…

    Helle Østvik Finnmark Dagblad (forestilling søstre 11 år etter)
  • Poesi av høy klasse, dans og bevegelser som griper…

    Bjørn H. Larssen Nordlys (forestilling ForDetteErDetVerdt).