a tribute to the art of breathing

The first and the last thing we do is breathing. We breathe around 10.000 litres of air every day, but how much do we know about this little life-depending movement? Electronic music, installation art, dance, voice and text meets and creates poetry in which new knowledge and awareness unfold.

Three performers walk on huge grey materials that slowly rise under them. When fully inflated the audience are invited inside the 12x18m. big bubble and sees a body in ever-shifting colours floating like a cocoon over their heads. This is the start of the performance EXHALE that aims to bring attention to the breath as an interactive element connecting us all. Dance and electronic sounds communicate abstractly and open, text fragments bring attention to the constant cosmic and rhythmic relation between micro and macro cosmos, while the installation – the actual performance space, is physically being manipulating – pulled and re-shaped making a dance of its own, that also makes the audience move. Finally, the audience themselves have the chance to monitor their own breath standing side by side on a line while dropping pebbles in a paper cup leaving us wondering how many more breaths there is to go.


Idea and concept – Liv Hanne Haugen and Lawrence Malstaf

Per Martinsen – music and performance
Lawrence Malstaf – installation, light and performance
Liv Hanne Haugen – dance, song, text and performance
Vibeke Thorp – text
Margunn Kilde – artistic advice
Anne Katrine Haugen – producer, artistic advice

Production: Haugen Produksjoner
Production support: Dansearena nord

Supported by: Norwegian Cultural Council, Fund for Sound and Picture and Music Funds

Premiere: DanceFestival Barents, Hammerfest 2016. New premiere Dansens Hus, Oslo Oct. 2017
Also presented: Festival Laiks Dejot, Riga, Latvia, Insomnia Festival, Tromsø 2017